Quickbooks List Reduction Service

QuickBooks List Reduction Service

QuickBooks company file limitations

There is a limit as to how much information can be stored within a QuickBooks company file.  Here is what Intuit says about company file size limits.  

  • Pro/Premiere: Company file exceed 500-750MB (max)
  • Enterprise: Company file exceeds 1.5GB (max)

QuickBooks Premier and Pro have a hard limit of 14,500 names in the data file. A name is a customer, vendor, account, employee, item or other name. Once you hit that limit for the combined list of names, you are forced to upgrade to the costlier QuickBooks Enterprise.

How to resolve the 14,500 Limit Issue

Over time, the data within your QuickBooks company file can accumulate to the point that it becomes out of control – leaving you uncertain of which information is still relevant. Your lists may be reaching the maximum limit that QuickBooks will allow, leaving you feeling powerless and contained.

The Impact 

  • Connecting overloaded company files to Unify Desktop can result in an extended wait time for downloading data from QuickBooks by Unify Desktop.  
  • Adding additional data into a company file that has already reached its limit can result in complete and unrecoverable data loss within the company file.  

Warning signs

  • Reports taking up to 30 - 40 seconds to run
  • Item list has reached 14,500 entries
  • Vendor, Employees, Customers list has reached 14,500 entries
  • QuickBooks Database fragment is between 15 - 19 (Critical), 20 and above (Severe danger)

The simplest method is to Condense or SuperCondense your data file. This will not only bring down the size of your data file but also remove any unused lists from the file. E-Tech offers a turnkey service to reduce the list size based on a criteria specified by you. For example, remove all customers who had no invoices for the past 3 years, etc. 

E-Tech’s List Reduction Services make it possible for you to regain control over your data, and get back the important insights you need to make good business decisions. Pruning out data specific to your customers, vendors or items to harness your QuickBooks data, so it works for your business — instead of against it.

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