Quickbooks International Edition Conversion

QuickBooks International Edition Conversion

QuickBooks is available in many different markets. Intuit's CanadianBritish and Australian divisions offer versions of QuickBooks that support the unique tax calculation needs of each region, such as Canada's GSTHST or PST sales tax, European VAT for the United Kingdom edition and Australia's GST sales tax. The QuickBooks UK edition also includes support for Irish and South African VAT. QuickBooks Enterprise was withdrawn from the UKI market in 2014.

QuickBooks Desktop is only available on a rental / subscription basis for users in UK and Ireland.

The Mac (OSX) version is available only in the United States. The US version of QuickBooks does not handle VAT -- data files need to be converted to the UK version to handle VAT filings.

Sometimes, businesses may operate in more than one country, or a company file is set up in a different nationality of QuickBooks. An example of this is a business that has their main office in Canada may also have a division in the USA that has its own QuickBooks file; however, when the company was set up the Canadian version was used instead of the US version. Since the US version of QuickBooks won’t read a file from the Canadian version it is difficult to switch the file to the appropriate software.   

E-Tech’s conversion service allows you to convert files from QuickBooks US to the UK version so VAT can be handled. This works for companies in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and other countries that have introduced VAT filing requirements. 


With this conversion, you are able to modify the nationality of QuickBooks and bring both versions into sync. First, an evaluation is necessary to assess both versions of QuickBooks in order to determine the cost and time required for the conversion. You can begin this process by completing the data request form below and creating an account to upload your QuickBooks file. A portable file is much smaller and easier to upload. Therefore, it is advisable that you create a portable company file to submit rather than a backup or .QBW. After the form is completed, you will then receive login credentials and an upload link to submit the file. 

What are the limitations of this service?

  • QuickBooks does not allow payroll transactions to be transferred from one file to another. We will transfer payroll checks as regular checks with full line item details
  • Usernames are not transferred from the secondary files to the primary file. You will need to re-create users after the merge.
  • Budget data cannot be transferred.


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