Quickbooks File Optimization Service

QuickBooks File Optimization

QuickBooks data files larger than 500MB need to be optimized every 6-12 months to ensure they run at top performance. There is no internal functionality in QuickBooks to optimize the data file other than running a Condense. The optimize operation will copy all data into a new data file, remove unwanted temporary data, and audit trail data to bring down file size by 25-40%. This will improve the performance and stability of the data file.

As a QuickBooks file size increases, it starts taking longer and longer to post transactions into the data file. Users start complaining they have to wait to save or lookup transactions. Optimizing the QuickBooks file size will save you money in increased employee efficiency and maintain a healthy QuickBooks data file. The Audit Trail in QuickBooks is one of the major sources contributing to QuickBooks Company File size. In fact, in many files, the Audit Trail may be responsible for 30% or more of the total file size. For many QuickBooks users, condensing the file in this manner is a far better option than attempting to condense the file by removal of transactional or list data that they may need to reference on a regular basis.

Because QuickBooks makes a copy of your original file prior to performing the Audit Trail removal process, you still have a ‘historical file’ available that ties all of the transactional data to the audit history of each transaction. Going forward, your smaller file should give result in improved performance while still allowing you to access your entire transactional history.

How to reduce a QuickBooks File Size?

  • One way to reduce the size of your QuickBooks data file is to create a Portable file and then restore the portable file. QuickBooks will optimize the file when it restores the portable file thereby reducing the file size by a small amount. 

  • A better way is to condense the data file by choosing a cut-off date to remove prior transactions. The QuickBooks condense has a built-in file shrink utility to reduce the file size after the Condense completes.

  • The third option is to SuperCondense a data file to shrink it to 50-80% of the original file size.

E-Tech offers Condense/clean-up/optimization service users of QuickBooks that helps to:

·Condense/Shrink your data file

·Optimize the speed and performance of your QuickBooks data file

·Reduce file size

·Prevent data corruption

·Improve network performance

The QuickBooks Condense/Clean-up/Optimization Service will reduce the file size of your data file by cleaning out temporary and garbage data, and re-indexing the data file. No transactions are lost in this operation. You will see significant improvements in the speed and performance of your data file including improved network performance.

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