Quickbooks Desktop to Online Conversion

QuickBooks Online Conversion

Switching to QuickBooks Online has multiple benefits. To name a few, you can access data away from the office, give users outside of your company access, run reports from anywhere, and avail online assistance whenever you need it. 

Although QuickBooks Desktop isn’t going away anytime soon, Intuit has been leaning towards urging every desktop user to transition to the online version eventually. Migrating to QuickBooks Online, as attractive as it may be, lodges a migration process that can be quite the opposite. If you are not well-acquainted with QuickBooks conversions, common errors that can occur during and after the conversion, can cause an impediment to a successful migration. 

We have put together a step by step guide to assist you as you channel your way towards QuickBooks Online 

  • 1. Check the File Requirements

You can only import your data to QuickBooks Online within the first 60 days of the subscription start date. Verify the total target count in QuickBooks Desktop. To do this, open your QuickBooks Desktop file and press F2. Total targets cannot exceed 350,000 for the import to work. If your file exceeds 350,000 targets, you will get an option to import lists for customers, vendors and products and services along with account balances only.

  • 2. Prepare Your QuickBooks Desktop Data for Export

    • Update your data – This is your opportunity to clean up your data. 
    • Complete outstanding tasks – make sure that all bank accounts have been reconciled, payroll has been processed and all inventory adjustments have been made prior to conversion.
    • Backup your data – Before you take the steps to import your data into QuickBooks Online, make a backup of the data file.
      • 3. Create a QuickBooks Online Account

Enter basic contact information like email address, name and mobile number and password to get yourQuickBooks Online account set up. As mentioned previously, if you have an existing QBO account, it has to be less than 60 days old in order for you to convert your data. If your account is more than 60 days old, you will need to create a new one.

  • 4. Open QuickBooks Desktop

Log in to the QuickBooks Desktop account you are converting from. You’ll need to export your data out of this account and into QuickBooks Online.

  • 5. From the Company menu, select “Export Company File to QuickBooks Online”

  • 6. Select Your QBO Company

Select the QBO company that you want the data to import to from the drop-down list. If you forgot to set up your account, click on the “create new QuickBooks Online company” link and follow the on-screen instructions.

Note: As mentioned earlier, to convert a desktop data file to QuickBooks Online, your Desktop company file must have less than 350,000 targets. Because of errors, such as this, that can occur during and after the conversion process, it is strongly recommended that you hire a company to do the conversion for you. 

E-Tech, a leading data repair and conversion service, is a top-rated and trusted source for data conversions in North America, having performed thousands of successful data conversions from various accounting systems, over the course of more than a decade. 

E-Tech’s team of in-house engineers are committed to looking after your data conversion needs in a professional, timely and affordable manner, and work with all international versions of QuickBooks including US, Canada, UK and Australia.

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